Minnie Mae Lee BIO

February 16, 1964, Minnie Mae Lee wrote about her life; a modified version is listed below:

I was born with the name Minnie Mae Lee (married last name is Nixon) and I was the seventh child born to Johnson and Elmira Lee in Yazoo County in Craig, Mississippi, on October 6, 1898. I confessed hope in christ at age 23. I did not wait to get on my sick bed to call on God. I have always tried to do my best in serving God and I have done my best to live by the bible.

I am only waiting for my crown now. I can say for myself that I am truly a child of God. I know that I am bound for glory and no other place; when I leave this world, I am going to live in an area with no mankind. I know that the lord knows what I have done for this to happen.

Please do not worry about me for man looks at the outward person but God knows the heart. Some of these days when life is over, I will fly away. I am waiting until my chance comes.

Minnie M. Lee
Additional Biography Information

As of December 2023, we discovered the names and birth year for her siblings: Hester Jane Lee (1888), David Lee (1889), Chas Lee (1891), Geo Lee (1893), Nathaniel Lee (1897) & Mitchell Lee (1902) & Elmira Lee (1903).

Minnie M. Lee gave birth to nine (9) children.  Based on collected written information, she married Mr. Willie Wilson and to this union, her first two children were born. Willie B. Wilson (Pierce) and Carrie Wilson (Mcfarland). Inverness, Mississippi is the birthplace of Willie B and Carrie. Inverness is approximately 70 miles south of Sherard, Miss. Mr. Willie Wilson was born  March 15, 1886, in Mable, Mississippi and he died March 23, 1972, at 9:10 a.m. in South Sunflower County Hospital, Indianola, Mississippi. Mr. Will Smith Sr is the biological father of Minnie's 3rd, and 4th children, Will Smith Jr and Louis E. Smith. Feldus Speaks is Louise Wright's father. Louis E. Smith and L.C. smith's father is Mr. Will Smith. Gus Kennedy is the father of Odessa Jones, Minnie Brown and Barbara McNair.



This is a much younger Minnie M. Lee photo. Minnie's cooking skills were excellent! Minnie prepared meals for an unknown plantation owner. She transferred the cooking skills to many of her children. 

Minnie M. Lee, a mult-talented lady, served as a mid-wife assisting with childbirths. Note, many midwives administered no painkillers, except alcohol.

Finally, Minnie M. Lee, an unlicensed mortician, helped and prepare the deceased for burial (info from her daughter, Willie B. Pierce).

Minnie M. Lee burial site near Sherard, Ms., note Minnie Brown daughter Shirley is buried nearby.
Minnie M. Lee burial site near Sherard, Ms., note Minnie Brown daughter Shirley is buried nearby.
The man picture is Mr. Mitchell Lee.

Mr. Lee is Minnie M. Lee's brother. Before her death, Ms Willie B. Pierce, the oldest child born to Minnie M. Lee, shared the below information about Mr. Mtchell Lee:
Mr. Mitchell Lee lived in Flint, Michigan. Mitchell worked within the auto factory business.
Mitchell married Alma Lee who already had two children when they married. Based on information gathered, Mitchell and Alma did not produce a biological child.

Walter Wright, Organizer

March 18, 2023
Mrs. Jacqueline Harvey, Pamela Brown daughter, "thank you' for locating the following information about Mitchell Lee.

His full name is Mitchell Johnny Lee; birthdate is July 15, 1902; therefore, he is Minnie M. Lee younger sibling. Mitchell J. Lee died July 16, 1965 (63 years). He is buired in River Rest Cemetery, G-4413 Flushing Road, Flint, MI 48504; 7R Lot # 179, grave #3.