As of February 13, 2022, the planning starts for the next Family Reunion. 
Contact Person:
Walter Wright
(314) 651-9327


Dear Family Members and Friends,
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way families live, work, congregate and communicate. Therefore, I believe it is time that we began planning an in-person and virtual family reunion. We will began by establishing a planning committe that incorporates one family member from each child of Minnie M. Lee. The initial meeting will be virtual (March 2022). Questions, concerns or comments, please contact me. For our families that are spread all over the country and new additions to the Minnie M. Lee family tree, this family reunion planning is very important!
Walter Wright, Organizer
"Faith of Our Parents Living Still"

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Minnie M. Lee correct birth and death dates?

Jan 22, 1901- Feb 19, 1962
Oct 7, 1898-Aug 4, 1964
Oct 1, 1896-Aug 26, 1967
Jan 16, 1899- Feb 27, 1968
The next reunion should be held?

Memphis, Tn
Indianapolis, Ind
Clarksdale, MS
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