As of February 6, 2023, the planning started for the next Family Reunion. 
Contact Person:
Walter Wright
(314) 651-9327


Dear Family Members and Friends,

Family reunions can connect the next generation to their past. The adults, teens, and children will know who they are because of their family members.

The last Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion was 2014, nine years past and we've gained and lost family members. In addition, there are many family members unknown to each other. Our families are experiencing wonderful accomplishments and sadly troubling situations, we should be celebatory and provide support.  Several family members and I believe that it is time for this important event to be held again.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way families live, work, congregate and communicate. Again, I believe it is time that we began planning an in-person and virtual family reunion. We will begin by establishing a planning committee that incorporates one family member from each child of Minnie M. Lee. The initial meetings will be virtual starting February 2023. The meeting will occur via ZOOM. If any family member is interesting in volunteering to represent your family during the virtual meetings, please notify Walter. We (the committee) will accept ideas and recommendations from all.

Questions, concerns or comments, please contact me. This family reunion is very important!
Walter Wright, Organizer
"Faith of Our Parents Living Still"
Sherard Baptist Church pictured
Minnie M. Lee was a long-time church member and her children and grandchildren (-) attended the same church.
Minnie M. Lee had how many children

The next reunion should be held?

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