Photo Albums
Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion in 1973
Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion in 1973
The Importance of Family Photo Albums

Family photos are something special, for they capture unique moments within our lives that otherwise we might forget. Here are a several reasons for creating these albums:

1. They tell a story
2. Who you are
3. Accomplishments
4. The offline experience in an online world
5. Time travels
6. Trials and tribulations
Guess Who
Willie Beatrice Wilson-Pierce

Willie B. Pierce
Minnie M. Lee first born child.
Place of birth: Inverness, Mississippi; father's name, Willie Wilson.
Ms. Pierce had one stillbirth baby girl that she named Alma L. Wilson (DOB, Aug 22, 1938). Stillbirth is the death or loss of a baby before or during delivery.
Willie B married twice and lived in Biloxi, Mississippi, and St. Louis, Missouri for the majority of her life. She met and married her 2nd husband, Mr. Charlie Pierce, in Biloxi, Mississippi. They later relocated to St. Louis to be closer to her sisters, Louise Wright, and Odessa Jones.
Willie B was very articulate with speech, song, and general knowledge.

Willie Beatrice Wilson-Pierce
Willie Beatrice Pierce
Maiden Name: Willie B. Wilson
Willie B. Pierce
Willie Pierce with Odessa & Joseph Jones & Odessa son Melvin
Willie B. Pierce pictured with her 2nd husband, Charlie Pierce
Carrie Wilson-McFarland

Carrie McFarland
Married Robert McFarland, Sr.
Birthplace: Inverness, Mississippi; father's name: Willie Wilson

Minnie M. Lee's second born child. Carrie and Robert had ten children. After residing in Sherard, Mississippi, they relocated to Memphis, Tenn.
1. James Wilson-1st Born-No know biological children
2. Willie Mcfarland-1 child
3. Clothea Mcfarland-Conley-3 Children
4. Barbara Mcfarland-Allen-2 Children
5. Robert Mcfarland, Jr. 3 Children
6. Jerry Mcfarland-3 Children
7. Marvin Mcfarland-4 Children
8. Clara McFarland-Cowan-1 child
9. Danny Mcfarland-2 children
10. Charles Mcfarland

Will Smith Jr.

Will Smith Jr.

Minnie M. Lee's third child and the first-born male.
Based on verbal information from his siblings, Will has no biological children. Will was married twice and has two stepchildren that he assisted in their growth.

Will Smith resided in Gary, Indiana during most of his adult life. He worked in construction and loved photography.  

Will Smith Jr
Will Smith and step-daughter
Will Smith Jr.
Sadie B. Cobbs-Smith
Will Smith 2nd wife
Will Smith family
Will Smith first wife and daughter
Louis E. Smith

Louis E. Smith
Resided in Chicago, IL where the majority of his children remain. Six children: Louis Smith Jr., Loretta Smith, Edna Ray Smith, Marvin Smith, Sallie Smith & Dorothy Ann Smith. 

Louise Smith-Wright

Louise Smith-Wright 
Jan 22, 1932-Aug 17, 2004
Burial Site is St. Peters Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

Father-Feldus Speaks-(Nov 12, 1896-Jun 24, 1979)-US Army World War 1 Veteran)-Resided in St. Louis, MO (Kinlock); burial site-Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

Married Willie Wright-(Apr 9, 1929-Mar 12, 1987)-Farmer, Sherard, Ms.; Burial site is Dogwood Cemetery, Sherard, Ms.
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 5597 Etzel Avenue, St. Louis, MO., member until her transition.

Three Children

1. Joseph A. Smith-(Apr 26, 1948-Apr 14, 2016)-US Army Vietnam War Veteran); two children; burial site is Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

2. Dorothy Wright-Whitehead-(May 5, 1950-2015); husband, Leon Chuck Whitehead;    five children; burial site, Heavenly Rest Cemetery, Clarksdale, Ms.

3. Walter Wright-(Aug 28, 1957)-US Army Retired (Sergeant Major, 1975-1998); two children.

L.C. Smith

L.C. Smith

The sixth child was born to Minnie M. Lee. Based on family records, he was born 0n 1/16/1934 and died on 01/14/1961. He died at the age of 26. Based on verbal information from his siblings, L.C. died from a head injury (struck with a bowling ball).

Again, based on verbal information from L.C.'s siblings, L.C. fathered three children. Two children's names are Brenda Hodges and Michael Hodges. The child's mother's name is Bobbie Lee.

L.C. Smith
Minnie E. Smith-Brown

Minnie E. Brown
Married Thomas Brown, Sr.  
Born in Lambert, MS. Father name is Gus Kennedy.
13 Children
1. Limon Brown, 2 children
2. Elliott Brown-3 children
3. Jackie Brown-7 children
4. Thomas Brown, Jr.-4 children
5. Lawrence Brown-4 children
6. Arlean Brown- 2 children
7. Larry Brown-2 children
8. Denise Brown-4 children
9. Lewis Brown (deceased)- 1 child
10. Rosetta Brown-3 children
11. Bruce Brown- 1 child
12. Pamela Brown- 4 children
13. Shirley Ann Brown (deceased)
Note: Minnie Brown adopted 2 children

Odessa Smith-Jones

Odessa Smith-Jones

She was born in Lambert, Mississippi. Her father name is Gus Kennedy.
Two children-Melvin Smith (Lyon, Ms) & Eddie L. Smith (deceased, Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, St. Louis, MO). Besides Shereard, Missippi, Odessa lived in St. Louis, MO. She was until death, a faithful member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 5597 Etzel Avenue, St. Louis, MO.
Burial site is St. Peters cemetery, St. Louis, MO

Barbara McNair

Barbara McNair
Four Children-Mitchell McNair, Jeffrey McNair, Elmira McNair & LaVance McNair
Home of Record-Brooksville, Florida