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Greyhound Bus Lines
Greyhound and Delta Bus Lines provide transportation services to and from Clarksdale, Mississippi. You can view arrival/departure times, dates and other information via greyhound website or contact the local office via telephone.
If you need assistance, please contact the:
The Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion Planning Committee.
Memphis International Airport
Memphis, TN
Memphis International Airport is about 68 miles from Clarksdale, Mississippi. If you plan to fly via one of the major airlines, you must fly into Memphis, TN.
You have three options for transportation from Memphis to Clarksdale:
1. You contact a family member who resides in Memphis; coordinate with the family member for transportation support to and from Clarksdale.
2. You can rent a vehicle at the airport and drive to and from Clarksdale.
3. Finally, you can utlilize greyhound bus services.