February 16, 1964, Minnie Mae Lee wrote about her life; a modified version listed below.
Minnie Mae Nixon was the seventh child born to Johnson and Elmira Lee in Yazoo County at Craig, Mississippi, October 6, 1898. I confested hope in christ at age 23. I did not wait to get on my sick bed to call on God. I have always tried to do my best in serving God and I have done my best cared.
I am only waiting for my crown now. I can say for myself that I am truly a child of God. I know that I am bound for glory and no other place; when I leave this world I am going to a live in a place with mankind. I do know that the lord will has to be done for this to happen.
Please do not worry about me for man look on the outward person but God knows the heart. Some of these days when life is over, I will fly away. I am waiting until my chance come.
Mr. Mitchell Lee,
Minnie M. Lee brohter lived in Flint, Michigan. Mitchell worked within the auto factory business.
Mitchell married Alma Lee who already had two children when they married. Based on information gathered, Mitchell and Alma did not produce children.
The Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion Planning Committee
1) Minnie M. Lee Parents names are?
James and Lillie Lee
Feldus and Lillie Speaks
Johnson and Elmira Lee
Jimmy and Susie Johnson
2) February 1964, Minnie Mae married name was?