Hello Family,
The previous Minnie M. Lee Family Reunion was in 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Welcome to the updated Minnie Mae Lee Family Reunion website.  This website is a work in progress so share your ideas for improvements throughout the year.  Our plan is for this website to be used to communicate, collect family information, and share information regarding our past and upcoming family reunion.  In addition, share family information. Please visit the website often and send pictures and information for pasting to the site; sign the guest book and send us any suggestions. Again, please share any good family news that we may share with other family members (newborn, academic achievements, awards, promotion &, etc…).  Please send us the addresses  the contact information for those you know as we develop a family address book.
We understand that select family members desire other means to share reunion details other than this website. Please communicate this information to me if a family member prefers communications via the US Postal service, email, or telephone.  The website method is cost and time effective and a constant way of communicating (all year long, 24/7) and sharing updates. Please pass our website address on to other family members.
Thanks for your patience with us. Please pray for God's blessings and guidance as we plan to reunite.
                                                               The Reunion Planning Committee
1) For you, what is most important reason for a family reunion?
To understand our family history and heritage
To connect face-to-face with family members near and far
To honor the elder members who leads the families
To build a family support system
To share and recognize achievements
Create New Memories to Bring Everyone Together
2) What year should the next reunion be held?

3) The Next Minnie M.Lee reunion location should be?
Memphis, Tn
Indianapolis, Ind
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Brooksville, FL
Planning Committee Decision
4) How many days and what events for a 2023 reunion?
One day with families intro, history brief, picnic with games
One day-all option 1 with a evening social for adults
Two days- all option 2 with with a 2nd day worship service
Three days- Day-1, evening meet & greet; day 2 is option #1; day 3 is option 3

5) Your recommendation for events & activities 1
Meet and greet time
Prepare and update the family trees for consolidation & distribution
Indoors games and activities to connect the family
Outdoors games & activities to connect the family
Sharing food recipes, financial, medical or other skillful information
Picnic, indoors or outdoors, dictated by weather
6) Your recommendation for events & activities 2
Age appropriate activities based on # of attendees
Scholarship for high school junior or senior; criteria TBP
Area/city bus tour
Handout prepared highlighting lodging, eatery places, & sites to visit
Family address book development